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Proven Systems That Blossom Into Repeat And Referral Busines (Make more money with less customers by focussing on your existing clients).

Martin W.

Dave is one of the most positive people I know. He is very knowledgeable in management of businesses and developing strategy to enhance people. He is one of those rare people who has not just "talked the talk" but he has also "walked the walk", having started, developed and ultimately sold a great business. I would recommend Dave to all businesses and Business managers seeking sound development and strategy advice.

Kristy S.

I engaged Dave to help me craft a framework to deliver to my team to get us all on the same page in relation to the customer experience we deliver to both our clients and our VAs. From the outset Dave was engaging, totally got what I was looking to achieve and came up with an amazing presentation that he will deliver to the team. Dave’s passion, expertise, and desire to delight shone through at every stage. I highly recommend him if you are looking for simplicity in improving the way you excite your customers. 

Andy R.

Dave is one of the most hardworking and enthusiastic people i know. His passion for customer satisfaction is second to none, nothing is too much trouble. He can be an amazing assett to any company and will drive that company to deliver its full potential.

Let's start at the end!

Because to be honest, that's what you really want to know, 'What's In It For Me'... (which is perfectly normal!)

You want to be enjoying increased profits, attracting, converting & retaining more clients, have a reputation which is the envy of your competitors and a business people want to work for and with. All of this is achieved by implementing a Customer Success Strategy which will exceed your customers expectations. 

It's about creating a human centred business which focusses on every interaction a customer has and to intentionally influence how they feel with each interaction.

Your existing customers should be so magnetic, they attract new clients and help you with converting them. Getting to the point where your customers become an asset for your business and your most valuable lead generation tool.

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Who's this for?

If you have customers then you need a Customer Experience they will remember!

If you want to grow your business by enhancing your brand reputation, increasing customer loyalty, how your customers interact with your business & how your employees interact with your customers, then it's for you.

I work with business owners, founders and solopreneurs to leaders of large organisations, L&D and teams, through to those in customer facing roles & others who never even talk to a customer.

How is it different?

Human Connection; How you make your customers feel, this is the missing ingredient in business. We place a heavy focus on employing empathy with your team and customers.

This is also reflected in how we deliver the program and work with you.

Identifying which areas of your business require attention, working on a strategy to overcome this & to create an outstanding Experience for your customers.

Will it be right for me?

This isn't an off the shelf, one size fits all program.

By specialising only in Customer Success & by developing 3 programs tailored specifically to your needs; It means that whatever position you have in the business, NO ONE is 'not ready', or, 'too experienced'.

You can choose from following a course at your own pace through to 1:1 coaching and consulting, it's about creating an experience which is authentically you!

What does success look like to you?

  • Being market leader
  • Increased profits
  • Continual stream of leads
  • Repeat customers
  • Happy & engaged workplace
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved relationships with suppliers
  • More free time
  • Staff retention
  • An abundance of 5 star reviews
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What would it look like to you if your business achieved these successes?

If you've got questions to ask and would like to find out more, hit the 'Let's Chat' button and let's start a conversation.

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