To earn the respect of your customers, you first have to respect those customers!

Did you know that the same person pays the wages in every business?

That's right, the customer does, when we keep that front of mind it doesn't take long for that respect to improve.

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There are 3 major challenges facing businesses today!

  1. You are not making enough profit.
  2. You are not attracting & converting enough leads, or retaining existing clients.
  3. You are overwhelmed & frustrated about how to navigate through the first two issues & you don't know how to think critically about the solutions & lead your team to a successful outcome.

Which of these in your business applies to you?

Are you feeling that...

  • Enquiries are down
  • You're losing money
  • Your competition is growing
  • Your customers aren't returning
  • Your staff are complaining (toxic culture)
  • Your leads aren't converting
  • Your suppliers aren't supporting you
  • Your employees are leaving
  • You have zero, or only bad reviews?
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To help you overcome this we will help you to...

Devise a strategy to create a customer experience which will exceed customers expectations, which re-enforces the brand, reduces churn, increases profits, turns customers into fans & is measurable.

We will work together to develop a 'Customer Journey' tailored to your requirements, one that shows how everyone plays a part in the success of your customers experience & how to implement our 'World Class Essentials'

Who will it benefit?

Every business in every industry takes their customers on a journey. Some have this mapped out, others aren't even aware of it.  Most of the time customers aren't conscious of it, this is the 'Secret Sauce'.    

Ask yourself-

Which businesses do you return to time after time?  

Why is that & what do they do to make you feel that way?

Whether you are a business owner, blue or white collar worker, a professional, work in retail, manufacturing or distribution, you NEED a Customer Experience to survive!

A little about me.

It all started with my Nan, she always used to say 'Treat people the way you want to be treated', this was, without realising, my first & most important lesson in customer service!

Having spent 35 years working in retail, manufacturing & wholesale as an employee and business owner, I became obsessed with offering a better customer experience than any of my competitors, subsequently, all of my successes were achieved by exceeding customers expectations.

Along the way I've started five businesses, had two failures, grew one to seven figures & sold two, so I've experienced most of the highs & lows in business.


There are 3 programs, so you can choose which option works best for you and your business.

I don't believe in 'one size fits all' or 'being jack of all trades & master of none', which is why I've created 3 different opportunities for you, so you can decide which program suits you best.

Our Customer Success "Accelerator" program has been designed for those who struggle to make time & like to learn at their own pace, implementing elements at a speed they can adapt to and grow with.

It's for those who want to make lots of small improvements which over time, create the big results.

The Customer Success "Inner Circle" program has been developed to enable you and your business to excel at your customer experience using a proven, structured, yet flexible process that will deliver dramatic changes. Giving you all the tools to implement changes immediately

This is an 8 module program and taught 1:1

For those who want that something a little more bespoke we have created the Customer Success "Elite" program.

This is a truly unique opportunity to create a tailored service based on the '4R's Framework' which responds to your needs and compliments your business, and most importantly, will exceed your customers expectations. 

Customer Success "Accelerator"

Top features

  • Customer Health Check of your business
  • 8 Modules broken down into easy to learn lessons
  • Downloads, cheatsheets, worksheets & PDF's
  • Lifetime access so you can come back to reference any time
  • Bonus Review module
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Customer Success "Inner Circle"

Top features

  • Customer Health Check of your business
  • 8 Modules broken down into easy to learn lessons
  • Downloads, cheatsheets, worksheets & PDF's
  • Lifetime access so you can come back to reference any time
  • 8 x 1 hour weekly 1:1 zoom calls
  • Access to me to ask questions so you don't get stuck
  • NEW Bonus module
  • NEW Bonus lessons
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Customer Success "Elite"

Top features

Built around our signature                  '4R's Framework'

  • Consulting & implementation of your Customer Success strategy
  • Help you map out & master your customers journey
  • Group based workshops
  • Creating a company culture of Customer Excellence through empathy
  • Utilising 'The only org chart that matters' philosophy
  • Working with Sales Teams to finesse their sales approach
  • 1:1 Coaching 
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